Technology Startups

We work very closely with startup ecosystems in India and the US. We have been angel funding startups since 2012, specifically those in social impact sectors. We are also active players in a few startup communities such as SLP, Jagriti Yatra and TiE. We have come across several pitfall startups, but we as technology strategy company work very closely at the idea validation, perform smoke tests, and get involved in MVP building.

We have experience of DevOps environment and with that hazy line called MVP ready, we typically just don’t code with startups; rather we ideate with them. We are upfront with them when we perceive a faulty idea or we tell them to first smoke test it, even if it should mean a loss in revenue for us.

We understand various growth hacking techniques, from referral marketing to freemium models to content monetization.


Some noteworthy contributions:

  1. AviaTIC:  Built the MVP for an aviation maintenance startup with just the elevator pitch as scope. We were instrumental in defining what will go out of the gate at MVP stage. We suggested that we’d better not invest much in stopping license misuse at MVP stage, rather go for traction.
  2. IP Streaming:  Built the embedded player for an IP steaming company way back in 2007. We built near real-time product replacement technology to do on-the-fly targeted product positioning in a streamed video. This was valued at almost $500M before it flamed out.

Beyond technology, we also work with startups connecting them with strategic partners and funders. A lot of companies in our ecosystem initially came to us as clients and we saw an interest beyond just being a technology partner and hence invested in a couple of them.

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