Social / Gamification

Broadly, social media service can be divided into two categories – content and technical. Our expertise lies on the technical development side.

Today, no organisation can live without employing a good social media strategy even if they operate in the B2B space, since the decision maker in any business is again an individual who is socially well connected and is influenced by social media. So a company may avoid promoting itself on social media; but it still needs to keep tab of social media to gauge sentiments, as perception plays a huge role in any  organisation. Market perception can never be ignored.

We have excellent technical competencies in integrating with sentiment analysis tools like Trackur or directly with platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to analyse feeds and escalate the ones that show dissonance. Beyond tapping into these platforms to perform sentiment analysis, we also have an excellent understanding of various viraliity tactics from gamification to referral marketing to building social media following. We use tools like Crazy Egg and Connect IO to understand the origin of the traffic and what is working in your current UX and marketing strategy and what is not, thus helping you optimise your marketing budget.


February 19, 2012 in the last two weeks, we’ve checked out ways to put content college essay writer for pay that you’ve already created online, and expanding on that content with screencasting tools, so you can give the flipped classroom’ a try