Several of our team members from the senior management have had experience either founding or running medium sized service companies ranging from real estate,  healthcare, non-voice BPO, software consulting, system integration, third party service centres, and co-working spaces, etc.

We have a rich experience in designing, configuring, and running operations using tools like CRM, Field Force Management, Helpdesk, etc. Our experience in handling operations goes a long way giving us an edge to offer a more pragmatic advice. Our operational skill sets have come in handy time and again in reducing client budgets by 20% or more, giving us the ability to convince our clients to drop some superfluous features.

Some of our projects in this sector are:

  1. We have built and maintained a customer-facing platform for Nevada’s largest third party worker’s compensation administrator.
  2. We have a strategic partnership with a US based boutique enterprise marketing agency. We not only maintain their product suite but we are also involved in deliberating on various product positioning strategies.
  3. We built enterprise class white goods service management system which supported both on-site and RTB calls. This was deployed in over 100 locations across India processing over 10,000 calls every day.

For example, some school districts have placed interactive white boards in all of their classrooms but failed to work with faculty in a way that would truly facilitate learn more right over here widespread adoption