Open Source

We have been working on open source platform since our inception. Co-founder Mr Rajiv Agarwal has been architecting products in open source platform since the last 15 years. He built a large sized product called 1dollargreetings way back in the hay days of Dot-Com boom, which was valued at $1 million by McCann Erickson.

Our proficiency on open source ranges from creating static responsive websites to enterprise class systems. We have expertise in developing clean code on framework, thus ensuring maintainability. We also have in-depth, hands-on experience on most of the frameworks to anticipate possible long-term pitfalls. We have extensive experience on working with A/B testing tools, heatmap thus collaboratively working with UX teams to deliver the requisite results.


Core PHP








Mean Stack/ AngularJS / Node.js / MongoDB / Express

Relay/GraphQL/Babel (Expertise Under Development)

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