We had been working on PDA long before mobile became ubiquitous. We developed our first PDA application in 2006 – we have primarily been focused on building enterprise class mobility solutions. One of our first mobile based solutions was for ticketing system which was deployed at entry gates thus requiring a real-time performance.

We understand nuances of a good UX and we understand that a small change in UX could go a long way in enhancing application development services and use. Our discernment of fine line that separates native mobile functionality and cloud components helps us tackle long-term maintainability and performance issues.

We use both physical devices as well as virtual platform to QA our deliveries. Our experience with app publishing in Nevada has given us good insights on what could cause application rejection.

We have done integration with external devices like Bluetooth scanner, thermal printers, credit card scanner, GPS, and camera multiple times. We have also done integration with native applications like Email and calendar, etc.


Windows Mobile



There is a growing body of learning analytics tools being incorporated into reverse instruction tools