We specialise in building web and mobile based food ordering system, aggregator platforms, and integration with existing POS and different payment gateways.

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We have hands-on experience building application virality features, and more importantly we have tremendous insight into the practicalities of the functionalities we build; for instance, we understand why a restaurant is better off receiving printed orders as opposed to receiving the same via mobile text or email. The reason for this is because the restaurant business as a whole is patchy by nature, which means footfalls peak on certain days and further vary with time of the day. This peaking could potentially clash with the time when there is also a surge in online orders which can be overwhelming to the reception staff who would barely have the time to check emails or mobile text, thus making printed orders a more prudent alternative.

We have built intricate menu systems for various pizzerias as well as built complicated up-selling and cross-selling mechanisms. In addition, we have done client scripting in Angular to speed up menu integration by more than 10 times. Most of our work in the hospitality arena has been from the side of the restaurant or restaurant technology providers.  Noteworthy among those are listed below:

  1. Restolabs: Restolabs is a food ordering start-up which provides an ordering widget to individual restaurants and restaurant chains. It has a remote ordering printing solution and in addition to virality tools. Restolabs also provides social media marketing tools and management dashboard to restaurant managers and owners. It provides a complete technology stack for food portal on SAS model and is integrated with multiple POS like Aloha, Aldelo, etc.
  1. Tablet Ordering: We have built an in-house ordering system which integrates with POS to all enhance  staff thruput  and customer convenience as well as integrated the same with advertisement model to open new revenue channels.

Our involvement in these products has been end-to-end – from building the product road map, to creating growth hacking strategies, to comparison with competition, to tracking consumer behavior via heat map and session captures.

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