We have a deep understanding of healthcare sector as an insider. One of our founders is a medical school dropout who is now a practicing clinical psychologist. He was also instrumental in the acquisition and merger of one of India’s largest healthcare BPOs in 2001. He architected tools to directly link with Kaiser network to automate flow of medical dictations from their dictation server to their offshore transcription facility and back to the Kaiser database system, ensuring HIPPA standards were not compromised.

Most of our work in the healthcare arena has been from the side of the provider. Noteworthy among those are listed below:

  1. DICOM Component – We built a DICOM component for an existing EMR with Open Source library to allow viewing of medical images and annotating the same.
  2. Messaging Component – We built and integrated a secure messaging component to an existing patient portal system.
  3. Longitudinal follow-up of cancer patients – The application tracked multiple cohorts of cancer patients based on type of cancer and modality of treatment used over a period of several years to track efficacy to treatment on multiple parameters.
  4. Public Health TB monitoring system –This was a large project funded by USAID and deployed in Bangladesh and Iraq. This involved gathering on-ground data regarding coverage and efficacy of aid given at ground level and its effect on survival rates of TB patients. It consisted of a tablet part which tracked location and time stamped various records as they were filled and also a web part that allowed creation of new questionnaire and generated statistical results.
  5. Cancer Registry  – This was a US government funded project to track various cancer patients being treated at multiple facilities across the United States, capturing their somatic and psychological distress levels at each clinical encounter and modality of treatment. The data was streamed to a centralised server after stripping off privileged information, thereby allowing clinics to share data for research purposes without the fear of being penalized.
  6. Easy Script – This is a Surescript certified product which handles e-prescription, eligibility, coverage benefits, and medical history.  Easy Script typically partners with telemedicine companies and is now gunning to handle price adjudication at point of prescription and EPA.
  7. Mindpiper – It is an affordable care startup and we are building a secure video and audio platform for them with cutting edge CBT tools and integration with wearable health bands.

From protocol, technology and integration standpoint; we have worked with HL7, Surescripts, CoverMyMeds, doc&I, First Data, RxNorm, HIE, CDA, etc.

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