Technology Strategy (BOSS)

Today in the world of targeting and right sizing, we don’t believe in the maxims “one product fits all” or “one needs a Swiss Army knife to open bottles”. If your job is to open a bottle, all you would need is a robust bottle opener and not a Pandora’s box. Too many features just sap crucial management time yielding very limited actionable information. As a technology strategy company focused on optimizing business consultancy, we understand that.

Thus enters BOSS, acronym for Business Operating Software System!  BOSS is not just another piece of software, it is your technology strategy to map your business vision.

Who needs BOSS?

  • Innovative companies in the turnover range of $5M to $100M – it is a sweet spot where they don’t live day-to-day and are not too large to be divided in silos.
  • They have limited strategy bandwidth but have clarity of vision.
  • They have money to spend on strategic issues but not money enough to burn.
  • They come in the top 10 in their niche segments and geography.
business teamwork - business men making a puzzle over a white background

Why do they need BOSS?

  • Legacy systems don’t scale.
  • Off-the-shelf systems create more clutter than actionable input.
  • Multiple systems sit in their own silo.
  • People dependency is very high.
  • Knowledge transfer effort is humongous.
  • Competitive advantage comes from 5% of the difference between the right-fit system and an all-bundled system.
  • Limited exposure of the technology team.
  • Limited exposure of the digital strategy team.

How will BOSS help them?

  • BOSS builds technology strategy that maps with the business vision, then farms out what can be bought and what needs to be built, and how they need to talk to each other.
  • BOSS takes away useless features, focuses on what is essential, thus reducing cost and optimizing strategic thruput.
  • Our team has experts who continuously work on the latest technology, so they get tapped as and when needed.
  • BOSS is not just about you defining the feature, it is also about why that feature is needed.
  • It is not a custom code; instead it is an open architecture where multiple systems fit, with control components being owned by the organization.
  • Reduces people dependency, so makes organization processes robust and scalable.

BOSS Process Flow:

  • Request a letter of Intent.
  • Initial study of the current processes and Mind Mapping.
  • Present a GAP Analysis and a Strategy Blue Print.
  • Create mock-ups to facilitate feedback.
  • Iterative pilots.
  • Product handover and continuous support.

When necessary I can share a specific folder with a class and allow for a quick and secure transfer of files